Reply To: Rules for thought #17


-Only automatic unloading at home islands?  (choose at forts)

I’m not sure that this would have a big effect, since gold is not unloaded at forts all that often during games in my experience.

Same here. I thought automatic unloading at home islands was already part of the rules though? It’s why gold factory fleets need to unload one coin at a time, since all of a ships coins would be unloaded at once.


This next topic is not about the rules of the game, but certainly something that’s worth discussing.

It is important that the game remain random and collectible. I would not be interested in a relaunch if it is done in a living card game or similar non-random format. (hardcore collector)

I disagree to some extent.  I think the game could be more profitable as a collectible game, but the collectible nature of the game is both a major problem for some people and one of the biggest reasons people say it’s “dead”.


Why do you say that the collectable nature is a problem? I’ve never seen it as a problem or an obstacle.

I would agree that the game is best as a collectable ‘card game’, and that random draws and packs are the better way to go.

Question though, what’s a ‘living card game’?