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I don’t understand those point costs.   Tuma’s regular abilities do come to 7, but that somewhat severe negative ability could certainly be a good reason for a -1.  I think 6 points would be good.  Flavor text is funny in a weirdly brutal way.  XD

Skrall is OP and possibly even broken.  Not only can they use the ability on almost any ship in the game, it’s basically the same cost as a regular world hater when you factor in Ex-Patriot, yet it’s FAR better.  Just use that crew with a captain and helmsman for 10 points total on any gunship and you’d have +3 to your cannon rolls, which for any reasonable ship would be enough to make 2’s hit regardless of starting ranks.  You could easily make the Neptuno have 1L+L guns, or max out a 10 master with the crew you would add anyway, for all rank 2 cannons.  That ability probably shouldn’t exist, or should be 12+ points.  What about regular World Hater and +1 to boards for every crew?  That would make them more balanced fighters, less reliant on just gunnery, and way less OP. (9+ points would still be necessary) (I think copying this ability to a 10 master would probably be worth more to the ship than 11 points)