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How do you quote text from a reply without manually copying and pasting?

A “preview” option would be nice to have too.


Great Turtles say “This island can’t be moved within 2 S of any ships or other islands.”  Does this apply when moving the turtle multiple times in the same turn?  If I move it within 2S of something but then move it back away during my turn, is that illegal?  Basically, does each S movement need to adhere to the 2S limitation, or does it only apply at the end of your turn when you stop moving it?

The restriction is checked separately for each individual movement.


If a piece has a +1 boarding bonus along with a +2 that applies under certain circumstances, can you stack the conditional >+2 with a different +1?  For example, Captain Charles Richard from OE: “This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls. She gets +2 instead if her opponent is a sea monster.”  If you had a different crew that got +1 to boarding rolls on the ship, it wouldn’t stack right?  (same thing applied to a custom ship during the podcast)

As long as they have different conditions and/or effects, they can be stacked.