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Awesome Woelf, thanks for making this!

The Master Spreadsheet contains all of the game pieces released, in addition to RtSS and Unreleased stuff – a good reference for anyone wondering what is being discussed.

I’ll start things off!  Xerecs and I had some questions during the SS 10th anniversary game, and another random question came up during the Podcast last night.

Great Turtles say “This island can’t be moved within 2 S of any ships or other islands.”  Does this apply when moving the turtle multiple times in the same turn?  If I move it within 2S of something but then move it back away during my turn, is that illegal?  Basically, does each S movement need to adhere to the 2S limitation, or does it only apply at the end of your turn when you stop moving it?

If a game piece has a +1 boarding bonus along with a +2 that applies under certain circumstances, can you stack the conditional +2 with a different +1?  For example, Captain Charles Richard from OE: “This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls. She gets +2 instead if her opponent is a sea monster.”  If you had a different crew that got +1 to boarding rolls on the ship, it wouldn’t stack right?  (same thing applied to a custom ship during the podcast)