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(Exact) Same Name, Same Spelling, Same Person
-Calico Cat (SM) = Calico Cat (SCS) = Calico Cat (OE) = Calico Cat (RotF)
-Master Bianco (SM) = Master Bianco (SS)
-Bianco’s Haulers (SM) = Bianco’s Haulers (SS)
-Luis Zuan (MI) = Luis Zuan (RotF) = Luis Zuan (F&S)
-Victor de Alva (OE) = Victor de Alva (F&S)
-Various others that need to be listed – no known exceptions(?)

Different Name, Title, or Spelling, Same Person
-Capitan Alarico Castro (SM) = Admiral Alarico Castro (BC)
-Captain Blackheart (SM) = Captain Blackheart (BC) = Blackheart (DJC) = Emperor Blackheart (OE) = Blackheart (RotF)
-Captain Mission (MI) = Captain Mysion (RotF) = Captain Mysion (F&S)
-Jack Sparrow (DPotC) = Captain Jack Sparrow (DPotC) = Cursed Captain Jack (DPotC)
-Chief PO Charles Richard (DJC) = Master CPO Charles Richard (OE) = Captain Charles Richard (SS)
-Commodore Rhys Gryffin Owen (CC) = Commodore Rhys Gryffyn Owen (BC)
-Davy Jones (DJC) = Davy Jones (OE) = Captain Davy Jones (DPotC)
-Dominick Freda (BC) = Dominic Freda (RotF) = Dominic Freda (RotF)
-El Fantasma (SM) = El Fantasma (SM) = El Phantasma (CC) = El Fantasma (SCS) = El Fantasma (DJC) = El Fantasma (OE) = El Fantasma (RotF)
-Elizabeth Swann (DPotC) = Captain Elizabeth Swann (DPotC)
-Hermione Gold (MI) = Hermione Gold (RotF) = Hermionie Gold (F&S)
-The Inquisitor (DJC) = Inquisitor (RotF) — NOT Inquisitor Sebastian Blanco (CC) – see below.
-Captain Jack Hawkins (SM) = Jack Hawkins (CC) = Jack Hawkins (BC) = Jack Hawkins (DJC) = Jack Hawkins (OE)
-Monsieur LeNoir (CC) = Lenoir (RotF) = Lenoir (F&S)
-Admiral James Norrington (DPotC) = Norrington (DPotC)
-Ragetti = Damsel In Distress
-Sir Edmund Atkinson (DJC) = Sir Edmund (F&S)
-Thomas Gunn the Younger (SM) = Lord Thomas Gunn (OE) = Thomas Gunn (RotF) = Thomas Gunn (F&S) — NOT Thomas Gunn the Elder (SM) – see below.
-Tia Dalma = Calypso

Similar Names, Different People (Can be used together in a single fleet.)
-Angria — Kanhoji Angria and Yeshaji Angria are members of the same family but their exact relation is unknown.
-de Alva — Comandante Luys de Alva is the father of Victor de Alva.
-Gunn — Thomas Gunn the Elder is the father of Thomas Gunn the Younger – see above.
-Laffite — Jean Laffite and Phillipe Laffite are brothers.
-The Spanish Inquisition — Inquisitor Sebastian Blanco is an Inquisitor, not The Inquisitor – see above.
-Swann — Governor Weatherby Swann is the father of Elizabeth Swann.
-Turner — “Bootstrap Bill” Turner is the father of Will Turner.
-Zuan — Fidel Zuan and Gaspar Zuan are brothers; Luis Zuan is their nephew.



-Rum (SM) = Rum (PotC)
-Abandoned Crew (CC) / Abandoned Crew (MI) — Duplication of Abandoned Crew is allowed on a “per card” basis, so if a crew appears twice on one card you may use both at once. You may also mix & match freely between the two different versions of this card, as long as the total number of any given crew token does not exceed the number found on a single card.



Same/Similar Name, Same Ship
-Black Pearl (DPotC) = Black Pearl (damaged) (DPotC) = Black Pearl (DPotC)
-Deliverance (CC) = Deliverance (CC) = Deliverance (OE)
-El Acorazado (SM) = El Acorazado (OE)
-Empress (undamaged) (DPotC) = Empress (DPotC)
-Flying Dutchman (DJC) = Flying Dutchman (DPotC) = Flying Dutchman (DPotC)
-Harbinger (SM) = Harbinger (DJC)
-HMS Apollo (RotF) = HMS Apollo (RotF) = HMS Apollo (F&S) — NOT HMS Apollo (REV)
-La Resolucion (SM) = La Resolucion (SM) = La Resolucion (OE)
-Le Bonaparte (DJC) = Le Bonaparte (OE)
-Le Coeur de Lion (SCS) = Le Coeur du Lion (OE) — Note the change in ship type.
-Neptune’s Hoard (REV) = Neptune’s Hoard (OE)
-Santa Lucia (SCS) = Santa Lucia (OE)

Assumed for now, but unconfirmed (Use your best discretion until noted otherwise)
-Amity (CC-009, F&S-404)
-Clear Wind (SCS-011, OE-159)
-Cutlass (RU-010, OE-212)
-Divine Wind (SCS-006, OE-167)
-East Wind (SCS-007, OE-155)
-Floating Stone (SCS-081, OE-212)
-Fool’s Hope (RotF-001, -200)
-HMS Stingray (RotF-006, -204)
-La Ebro (MI-068, FN-053)
-L’Afrique (BC-077, OE-078)
-L’Auguste (CC-073, OE-075) – Possible Non-Match
-Proud Tortoise (SCS-022, OE-36)
-Royal Louis (RotF-029, F&S-044)
-San Cristobal (RotF-006, -202)
-Sea Crane (SCS-015 , OE-164)
-Sea Duck (SCS-017, OE-160)
-Sea Lion (SCS-013, OE-152)
-Sea Phoenix (SCS-016, OE-156) – See also “Same Name/Different Ship” Below
-Sea Serpent (SCS-012, OE-148)
-Sea Tiger (SCS-014, OE-168) – See “Unknown/Unconfirmed” Below
-Sea Wind (SCS-008, OE-147)
-Tiger (RU-009, OE-211)
-Typhoon (SCS-009, OE-163)
-USS Atlanta (FN-076, OE-090)
-Virtuous Wind (SCS-010, OE-151)
-Weasel (RotF-005, -203)

Different Name, Same Ship
-Asesino de la Nave (SM)(GS-004) = Santiago (CC)
-Baochuan (SCS) = Zeus (OE) – See Note 1 below.
-Barnacle (DPotC) = Grand Barnacle (DPotC)
-Black Pearl (PotC-025)/(-026)/(-087) = Wicked Wench (DPotC)
-Constitution (Rev) = USS Constitution (OE)
-Grand Temple (SCS) = HMS Grand Temple (OE)
-HMS Bolingbroke (SM) = Bloody Throne (PP)
-L’Aguila (SM) = Eagle (CC)
-Lezard (-208) = HMS Lizard (-209) = Lizard (-210) = Lagarto (-211) = Sea Lizard (-212) = Lizard’s Sting (-213) (F&S)
-HMS Morning Star (-202) = Morning Star (-203)/(-204)/(-205) = USS Morning Star (-206) = Mourning Star (-207) (F&S)
-Sea Phoenix (SCS)/(OE) = HMS Sea Phoenix (OE)

German Ships
These four ships appear only in the German-language version of the Spanish Main set.  Despite the alternate names and flavor texts, for gameplay purposes they are considered the same ships as their English-language counterparts.
-Bunte Kuh = El Ladron
-Roter Teufel = Raven’s Neck
-Klabautermann = Treachery
-Sturmvogel = Batavian Bat

Same or Similar Name, Different Ship (Can be used together in a single fleet.)
-Concord (Rev) ≠ Concord (BC) ≠ HMS Concorde (OE)
-Divine Dragon (MI) ≠ Divine Dragon (OE)
-El Algeciras (SCS) ≠ El Algeciras (OE)
-El Toro (BC) ≠ El Toro (OE)
-Executioner (Rev) ≠ Executioner (DJC)
-Fancy (CC) ≠ Fancy (PotC)
-Freedom (SM) ≠ Freedom (Rev)
-HMS Apollo (Rev) ≠ HMS Apollo (RotF-002)/(-201)/(F&S)
-HMS Diamond (PotC) ≠HMS Diamond (F&S)
-HMS Durham (BC) ≠ HMS Durham (FN)
-HMS Gibraltar (CC) ≠ Gibraltar (RotF)
-HMS Nautilus (Rev) ≠ Nautilus (MI)
-La Corse (SCS) ≠ La Corse (DJC)
-Lady’s Scorn (SCS) ≠ Lady’s Scorn (RotF) ≠ Lady’s Scorn (F&S) – See Note 2 below.
-La Santa Ana (CC) ≠ Santa Ana (SCS) – See Note 3 below.
-Minuteman (BC) ≠ Minuteman (RotF)
-Needle (OE) ≠ Needle (RotF)
-Neptune (PotC) ≠ Neptune (F&S)
-Nightmare (DJC-021) ≠ Nightmare (DJC-145) ≠ Nightmare (OE)
-Pestilence (RotF) ≠ Pestilence (F&S)
-Ranger (CC) ≠ Ranger (PotC)
-Revenge (SM)/(PP) ≠ Revenge (PotC)
-Saratoga (Rev) ≠ Saratoga (DJC) ≠ Saratoga (RotF)
-Scepter (CC) ≠ Scepter (F&S)
-Scorpion (BC) ≠ Scorpion (RotF)
-Tiger (Rev) ≠ Tiger (OE)
-USS Mercury (MI) ≠ USS Mercury (RotF)

All “Unlimited” items are considered the same as their non-Unlimited counterparts from the same set, despite having different collector numbers, unless specifically noted otherwise.

1) Baochuan (SCS) vs. Guichuan (DJC) vs. Zeus (OE)
Historically, “baochuan” was a generic name for a treasure ship, not necessarily a specific ship. Guichuan’s flavor text does not refer to Baochuan by name, so the sunken ship that was raised to become the Guichuan could have been any ship of the same class or configuration. The flavor text for Zeus does refer to Baochuan by name, implying it to be the namesake ship of its class, and provides a definitive link between them, so it’s safe to assume that Baochuan and Zeus are the same ship, while Guichuan is a different ship of the same class.

2) Lady’s Scorn (SCS) vs. Lady’s Scorn (RotF) vs. Lady’s Scorn (F&S)
All three of these ships have connections to Calico Cat and share some similarities in stats and artwork, but the flavor text strongly suggests that they are different ships that were each controlled by Calico Cat at different points in her timeline. The similarities are assumed to be intentional, with each new ship being named after the previous one it replaced. As far as the rules are concerned, this means they are considered different ships that may be used together, even though it is unlikely that more than one was ever in use at the same time under the “Lady’s Scorn” name.

3) La Santa Ana (CC) vs. Santa Ana (SCS)
These two ships share the same type (4-mast), but their stats are completely different and the flavor text in SCS makes no references whatsoever to the previous version. They’re most likely different ships, and with no definitive evidence to tie them together, they can be treated as such.

1) HMS Granville (BC) vs. HMS Granville (FN)
The flavor text in Frozen North suggests the ship was refit to become an icebreaker, but changing from a 3-mast schooner to an icebreaker is a rather extensive change. Most likely there was a different (unseen) ship with the same name in between that received the refit.

2) Sea Tiger (SCS) and Sea Tiger (OE-168) vs. USS Sea Tiger (OE-094)
Aside from the nationality change, the two Sea Tigers are an exact match in stats and are undoubtedly the same ship. The flavor text for USS Sea Tiger implies a connection, but its stats (and artwork) are quite a bit different from either Sea Tiger which suggest a different ship with a similar name. If USS Sea Tiger is the same ship, how does it fit in relation to the OE Sea Tiger?