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The Inferno looks very interesting, very high-risk, but high reward as well. her ability to give herself fire masts, would her controller have to roll for those fire-masts?


I like Stellan, I’d probably try and find a way to get him onto the Wodin, for gold capturing fun.


The final regular faction for Spherus Magna! The Mercenaries are here!


Clipper Ship– This ships movement is measured from bow to stern

Destiny’s Hand
Points: 17
Masts: 5
Cargo: 4
Cannons: 3L-2S-4S-2S-3L
Movement: L
Ability: Mercenary. Once at the beginning of each of your turns roll a d6. On a result of 6 you may look at all face-down treasure on up to two islands.

Flavor: The crew of Destiny’s Hand are all former smugglers and merchants. Their collective knowledge of hidden stores on hard to find islands has paid them dividends, and made their services desirable to many.



Pit Tracker
Points: 13
Masts: 4
Cargo: 4
Cannons: 4S-2L-2L-4S
Movement: L
Ability: Mercenary. Clipper Ship. This ship cannot shoot when she carries treasure.

Flavor: Reclaimed from a French wreck, the Pit Tracker is still unstable. The crew don’t dare fire her cannons, for fear that the kick will do more damage to their ship. This fear is tenfold when her hold is laden with cargo.