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Two more! We’re getting close to the end of the Cursed. Once that happens, it’s on to the Mercs!

Makuta— Denotes as part of the Makuta sub faction. A crew with this keyword is linked to all other crew with this keyword. This ship gets +2 to her cannon rolls.

Canceller— The cancel ability.



Points: 16
Ability: Makuta. Ghost Ship. Once per turn roll a d6. On a result of 5-6 move one ship within S of this ship L+L away in a straight line.

Flavor: Krika was once solid flesh and blood like all living things. Then he found a relic that turned him into little more than a ghost. Now he serves with his fellow Makuta, though he takes no joy in what must be done.



Points: 12
Ability: Makuta. Canceller.

Flavor: Committed body and soul to the cause, Gorast has been known to kill comrades at the slightest mention of dissent or deviation from said cause. Her bloodlust and fanaticism hides a devious and cunning mind, and she has on more than one occasion used her looks to get what she desires.