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Jonathan Bowen

Ok. So I kinda rushed to post the pirates, so I missed a few things ???

First off: I don’t know The Slash’s point cost. Gingerninja wanted me to make this ship, and he gave me all of the stats except point cost. Although, given what she does, I’d guesstimate that an appropriate point cost may be 15-16?

Judy Rodriguez was originally going to be a Repeating Guns crew. I just forgot to change her point cost. let me know if you think she’d be better as-is, or if i should make her have Repeating Guns and up her points a li’l.

As for the wording of Grayson August, I just forgot what the original ability said; so I improvised. I’ll change it on my doc.

I can change the Arcane’s die result requirement to a 6; That won’t be a problem.

While I understand your concerns about Silverback John, His point cost and the Ransom keyword make him such a target for Gold-Capture crew. On top of that, I wanted a crew that wasn’t combat-oriented. (Also, as a bit of a spoiler, this is not the most OP piece in Seas of Doom)

Yes. I mis-typed the ability of the Diablo Negro. “If this ship is assigned a captain crew and a cannoneer crew, Two of her cannons may shoot again if they miss.”

Again, as with The Slash, Gingerninja created it. I just asked him, and he says it’s L
(apparently he’d already told me. ? I’m just a forgetful boi)

That should cover all of Xerecs’s questions…
Ben, if you have questions or concerns of your own, feel free to voice them.
I’m pretty sure that Silverback John will be a huge point of contention, but I’d like to keep him as-is.

I’ll probably post again later with the next faction from Seas of Doom.
’til then.