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I like the Torch. Nice little gunship, and with the first part of her ability, she’s able to be somewhat decent at it. I still don’t like that you can ram off a Turtle ships mast while she still has paneling, that distinction has relegated most of them to back-up/pinch gunships or gold runners. I think there’s only one WK turtle with ‘ramming cannot eliminate this ships masts’, nice to see it on another.

Revision, and two more!

Makuta— Denotes as part of the Makuta sub faction. A crew with this keyword is linked to all other crew with this keyword. This ship gets +2 to her cannon rolls.

Fleet Admiral— Once at the beginning of each of your turns, roll a d6. On a result of 6, any ship in your fleet may be given two actions that turn.

Possible revision for Mutran, as well as flavor text.

Points: 11
Ability: 1. Makuta. Hostile: Chirox. Two ships within S of this ship may not be given shoot actions.

Ability: 2. Makuta. Hostile: Chirox. Two ships within S of this ship cannot use their captain crew until the beginning of your next turn.

Flavor: A self-styled scientist, and mad genius, Mutran is responsible for every technological advancement among the Cursed, dating back to the introduction of the Scorpion ship. His knack for blending powerful relics with modern technology has enabled him to render enemies defenseless before him, making him more than just a demented mind, but a cunning warrior as well.



Points: 10
Ability: Makuta. Fleet Admiral.

Flavor: A tactical genius, Antroz was one of the leading voices among the Ionic admiralty. However, his genius masked an insatiable lust for power. He has joined in with his fellow Makuta in a bid for domination of the seas.



Points: 5
Ability: Makuta. Hostile: Mutran.

Flavor: Chirox is a scientist, who prefers to work his experiments on living subjects. Oftentimes he will test to see just how much pain a person can endure, or how long it will take a barrel of leeches to drain the blood completely from a victim. He maintains a bitter rivalry with Mutran, who claims that his ‘experiments’ and works are far superior to his in every way.