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My hypothesis is thusly: When I post the customs, I just copy and paste from a word doc. I think something happened during that process that caused your site to freak out. Also, I’m realizing now that I was typing and copy+pasting in the visual mode, and at the time, there was still a ‘preview’ box under everything. It’s possible that had something to do with it, though I suppose the only way to find out is to repeat what I did earlier. For that reason I’ll post the first Cursed crew at the bottom of this post, to see if it happens again.

I’m reticent to lower the costs on these Cursed ships, mainly because ALL of them have a +2 cannon bonus built into them. That said, i can bring the Spirah down just a tad, somewhere around 10-9 points.

I don’t really want to limit the Shadow Leech to one target….. Suppose I changed it to cannon rolls specifically instead of d6 rolls, and everything else stayed the same. Would that make it less broken or would a re-design be better?


Points: 11
Ability: Makuta. Hostile: Chirox. Ships within S of this ship may not be given shoot actions.

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