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@Xerecs: I’ve made an edit to the site that has changed the formatting toolbar for posts.  It’s now showing a Visual and a Text option.  I like the Visual one because it allows you to see exactly what you’re doing when you do it, and therefore I just disabled the preview plugin because the Visual editor option means that previewing posts is unnecessary.  The Text editor option is to see all of the tags/bbcode/whatever it is that allows the formatting to work.  Awesomely enough, it does work with basic keyboard shortcut functions as well, just like in google docs and somewhat similar to Miniature Trading (ctrl+b for bold, ctrl+k for links, etc).

I’m not sure why your post didn’t show up properly once you submitted it.  Perhaps you have to switch to the Visual editor option before hitting Submit.  Sorry for any issues, and thanks for sticking with my site here as I work out the problems.  The reason I changed it in the first place is because the formatting toolbar simply disappeared (as it did a few months ago) earlier today, for reasons I don’t know.  So, I think I’ve found a permanent solution.  We’ll see how it goes, and hopefully the formatting buttons won’t disappear again.

It would be great if we could avoid double posting when possible – it’s easy enough to just post the customs of the day below any other discussion in the same post.

There aren’t a ton of Horror crew, but with Barj Voragoss Tempien aboard with his Captain + WH, it could make the ship pretty formidable.  And yes, Reverse Captain is worth 2 points as far as I’ve been able to figure out.  (has to be cheaper than the far superior Captain ability, but 1 is probably a little low for what you can do with it)

The Spirah could be pretty cheap, maybe 8-9 points.  Maybe even cheaper since empty gunship vs bad gold runner is not a good trade-off haha.

Shadow Leech seems like a negative cheerleader on steroids, and way too good.  You could affect tons of rolls and battles with even a small sampling of that ability, let alone copying it to a 10 master to dominate a large battle.  Again, just use a cap.  Pick one ship within S that gets the limits on it.

Hopefully this post will show up properly; if you or anyone else is still having issues, you can post about them here and/or contact me.