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The last cursed ships, tomorrow we move on to the Crew!
Makuta– Denotes as part of the Makuta sub-faction.A crew with this keyword is linked to all other crew with this keyword. This shipg gets +2 to her cannon rolls.
Masts: 3
Cargo: 3
Cannons: 5S-2L-5S
Movement: L
Ability: Makuta. This ship cannot shoot when she carries crew.

Flavor: The Makuta conducted a vile experiment with the Spirah, bonding the souls of dead men to the timbers and beams of the ship. As a result she has some level autonomy, able to sail herself. However, the bonded souls are aware of what has happened to them, and actively resist the Makuta

Shadow leech
Points: 14
Masts: 1
Cargo: 2
Cannon: 5S
Movement: S+L
Ability: Makuta. Enemy ships within S of this ship get -1 to their cannon rolls and have their base move reduced to S.

Flavor: The Shadow Leech is a new addition to the Makuta, constructed from wrecks and spare timbers. As with the Spirah, the Makuta have experimented with the ship, giving the wood and sails leech-like properties that saps the strength of nearby enemies.

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