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I think the Moonscape is best as a scout hybrid. The Mercs have better dedicated gold runners and gunships around or below the same cost.

Good point, they do have better gunships, though I’m hard pressed to think of any decent gold runners for the mercs. 😀

My initial thought on the Rod was that is was very powerful, but I re-read it and I think its okay. A one time guaranteed SAT could tip a game or a battle when used at the right moment, but you’d only be getting the guarantee once. Same goes for the Cursed cancel, though for more situational than the guaranteed SAT, since the Cursed are so lacking in quality crew, at least from WK. 😀

Speaking of the Cursed…….

— Denotes as part of the Makuta sub faction. A crew with this keyword is linked to all other crew with this keyword. This ship gets +2 to her cannon rolls.


Points: 20
Masts: 4
Cargo: 1
Cannons: 4S-4S-4S-4S
Movement: S+L
Ability: Makuta. Sea Monster. Once per turn for every ship within S of this ship, roll a d6. On a 6 place a Unique Treasure from outside of the game on that ship.

Flavor: It is rumored that this creature was found as a larva and raised by the Makuta, to do their bidding and inspire fear in sailors everywhere. It’s penchant for finding lost relics is valuable to the Makuta and their plans, but they cannot seem to get it to give the relics to only them.

Fallen Angel

Points: 15
Masts: 4
Cargo: 6
Cannons: 3L-3L-3L-3L
Movement: S
Ability: Makuta. When this ship reaches its cargo limit, it cannot be given shoot actions.

Flavor: Once a respectable merchant vessel, the Fallen Angel was one of the first ships the Makuta took with them to the Cursed. Now manned by the dead, undead and dying, the Fallen Angel’s once beautiful hull is now corroded and hideous, her sails bare threads, and her cannons rusting away.