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The dual nationality thing is really interesting. I’d love to see how that is handled during a campaign. Question though, why does he have black mark, since he’s already able to use his abilities on Cursed ships due to his dual nationality.

I really like the Wrath. Good speed for a 5, and decent cargo too. With her combination of abilities, I’d try to make some kind of boarding focus, like S-Board, or Gold capture. With her high cost, and clever usage of linked crew, you could probably get +5 to your boarding rolls with her BEFORE you rolled a die. 😀

Missed a day again, so double!

Dark Hunter
— Denotes as part of the Dark Hunter sub faction. Hostile: Ionic. This ship gets +2 to boarding rolls.

— Same Action Twice/Born Leader


Points: 7
Ability: Dark Hunter. Once per turn when you give this ship a shoot action, choose one target within range. That ship is considered ghostly for two turns.
Link: Shadowed One

Flavor: Silent and unfeeling, Sentrak is the Shadowed One’s bodyguard, and the closest thing to a friend he has.


Points: 14
Ability: Dark hunter. Once per turn before you give this ship an action, roll a d6. On a 6 replace this ship with another ship of the same nationality as this crew.

Flavor: Trygla never returns on the same ship he set out with, usually having betrayed his crew and left them to their doom. The Shadowed One only tolerates his tendencies because he always brings a fresh ship and crew back with him, usually along with whatever he was sent to steal.

Piraka Hunter

Points: 6
Ability: Dark Hunter. This ship gets +1 to cannon rolls against ships and game pieces with the Piraka keyword.

Flavor: The Piraka Hunter’s sole purpose is to hunt down the six Piraka, who deserted from the Shadowed One’s fleet. He will not rest until their heads hang from the yard arms of his ship or at the feet of the Shadowed One.


Points: 7
Ability: Dark Hunter. SAT.

Flavor: Not every pirate is up to the Dark Hunter standards when they join. It is the duty of Trainer to train them and make them better at their given craft. If they die in the process…. Then they weren’t meant to be Dark Hunters.

….And with that, we’ve now seen all of the pirates! Tomorrow we meet the Cursed!