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150 point Dragon Fleet

After seeing the 100 point Dragon Fleet, and some minor discussion on Discord, I went and created this fleet. Similar in concept to the original, Rapto Maw, Angelica, and Shal-Bala will fly around the map with EA provided by Mycron, LeBeaux, and Deleflote to move into position and then fire their “cannons”. Supporting them and providing most of the gold running capacity of the fleet is not one, not two, but FOUR sets of Native Canoes. The American, Spanish, French and English canoes are squeezed in where they can, with the English Canoes providing a very important aspect to the fleet, allowing for the Dragons to “heal” after a battle. To that end, those canoes will likely either stay at or near my home island, while the rest go out and run gold or else position themselves optimally for Dragon healing. Supporting all of them is the Bolingbroke, with Bratley, Myngs and Hermione Gold aboard, giving the fleet a traditional gunship. Cannibals, Curse of Davy Jones and Maps of Hades are included to slow down enemy runners, and potentially put enemy ships within range of Swoop Attacks from Dragons.

You could probably get the bones of this fleet down to 100 points by dropping the American and French Canoes, along with the Bolingbroke. At such a high point level, a serious dedicated gunship will be very bad news for this fleet, along with any kind of canceller. Another major drawback to the fleet is the overall fragility, canoes are eliminated in one hit, the essential ships are all 1 mast, making the susceptible to ramming and anyone running Odin’s Revenge.


Angelica (19)
Shal-Bala (20)
Raptor Maw (16)
Le Coeur du Lion(2)+ Princess Arii Auraa(0), Deleflote(9), Chieftain(9)
USS Annapolis(6)+ CPO Richard(3), GWLB(6), Chieftain (10)
Patagonia(4)+ Robinson(0), Mycron(6), Chieftain(12)
Banshee’s Cry(3)+ Jonah(0), Anamaria(3), Chieftain(9)
HMS Bolingbroke(10)+Bratley(0), Sir Christopher Myngs(3), H. Gold(5)
Spanish Canoes
English Canoes
American Canoes
French Canoes

UT: Maps of Hades, Curse of Davy Jones, Cannibals