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This ability is intended to indicate that the ship is able to fire a sort of early/primitive underwater torpedo, so in effect it would work mostly the same as a regular cannon. I had forgotten about marines, some clarifying text indicating they cannot be targeted is likely to be in order. With that as well as some clarifying text about submerged pieces (it shouldn’t be able to fire at them regardless of if an ability would allow it) I may end up turning it into a keyword to better abbreviate.

Something like this should cover it:

This ship may be given a shoot action while submerged to fire a single cannon; it becomes a 4S cannon that can target only ships on the surface.

If you need/want extra clarification, you could also add “This cannon cannot target submerged ships or Marines on islands.”

You could also steal some of the text from Musketeer about using masts, but I don’t think it’s necessary in this case because it’s implied to be a modifier of an existing cannon/mast rather than an extra cannon using another’s slot.