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Airship – How does the requirement of a 5 or 6 roll to hit an aloft ship interact with other roll modifiers?    Does a +1 to cannon rolls allow a 4 to hit?   If a ship with the double range ability (normally needs a 6 to hit) rolls a 5, does that hit?

Air Dragoons – I like the idea of mini ships that can be handled like crew, but the wording for how these are deployed and used has several issues that need to be addressed.

ALL crew must begin on a ship or your home island normally, so that first sentence is redundant.

Allowing the main crew with the keyword to function fully on a home island breaks a major rule about crew ability usage, which is okay, but that has to be called out specifically and explicitly, like how it’s done with the Marine keyword.  Considering how they’re used, I think it would be simpler to drop that island option entirely, and require being on a ship.  Deploying them from an island would require a ship to be there at the time:  simply use the free crew transfer while docked option to load the main crew long enough to pop out the dragoons.   You’d lose a little bit of a potential surprise factor, but I think most players who see a facedown crew sitting on an island by itself will assume it to be a Marine or Dragoon.   Any other crew left behind on the island to make room for more treasure will almost certainly be face up, or it wouldn’t have been brought along in the first place.   (Plus, any non-Marine crew left behind can be stolen by any ship that docks there, whether nationalities match or not.)

Having the crew take up 3 cargo spaces while facedown on a ship goes against another major crew usage rule where normally things only function while face up.   It could be very problematic to enforce, especially if that crew isn’t revealed until very late in a game and lots of other cargo has been transferred on and off the ship in between.   It would be very easy for a player to forget (or “forget”) how much space was actually available, and almost impossible for other players to verify it until after the fact.  I suggest dropping the “3 cargo spaces” part and just leave it at 1 like normal crew.   Then they can take up one space each after being revealed; instead of deploying in the ship’s cargo hold, instead place them so they’re touching the ship to avoid space issues.   Thematically you could say whatever flying gear they use is packed up and compacted in storage until they’re ready to use it, and it can’t be quickly or easily folded back up again.

Removing the crew that generates them (and its point value) raises questions about how that point value applies later if one of the three lands on a ship.  Does it count nothing?  Does it count the full value?  Does it take some partial amount?   Keeping the main crew in play like a Chieftain avoids that problem, and also avoids taking that big chunk of points off the board; the downside is that it then becomes dead weight that you could still dump somewhere, unless there’s some maintenance effect like with the Chieftain that hurts the Dragoons if lost.   An alternative would be to have the dragoons split the cost between them, with the main crew assuming the combined total until revealed; you’d just have to make sure the dragoon prices were always divisible by 3.

“Cannot have their cargo space increased” implies some could have a non-zero cargo hold.  Whether any in your set do or not (I didn’t check that close), it opens the door for the possibility in the future, which in turn could create problems if one with cargo got loaded back onto a ship.  Logically, the dragoon and whatever it carried would take up ship spaces separately, but there could also be an argument for nesting them.    A much simpler solution is to say they “can never carry cargo”.



Name: Ictineo

Ability: Submarine. If this ship has an Explorer crew, she gets +1 cargo.

Does this work only with a generic Explorer, or does anyone with the keyword count?   Looking specifically at Dominic Freda from RotF (Explorer, +1 cargo, takes up no space), who thanks to the similar-but-technically-stackable wordings would give this ship +2 cargo while taking up none.

Silver Explorers have to be considered too, but they shouldn’t an issue either way.

Name: Gymnote
Ability: Submarine. This ship has a 4S cannon that can be fired while she is submerged; it cannot be fired when she is surfaced.

Any restrictions on what it can fire at?   This doesn’t override any abilities about shooting at submerged ships, so it would have to be assumed to only work against surface ships unless specifically stated otherwise.

What about a Marine on a island?