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Interesting concept with the Unicorn Pearl. I think that JW has a similar concept with some of his SR/LE ships in his sets.

Missed two days, so a double! We’ve now seen all the Pirate ships, onto the crew!

Dark Hunter— Denotes as part of the Dark Hunter sub faction. Hostile: Ionic. This ship gets +2 to boarding rolls.

Shadowed One

Points: 12
Ability: Dark Hunter. Give this ship a shoot action. A beam S wide and 2L long leaves this ship in one direction. Replace up to two masts with fire masts for every ship in the path of the beam. This ship cannot be given an action on its next turn.
Link: Sentrak, all Dark Hunter ships

Flavor: A cunning and brutal man, the Shadowed One’s past is shrouded in mystery. Where he came from and how he rose to command the Dark Hunters is unknown, but what is known is his ravenous hunger for power and ancient relics, as the power of the Dark Hunters grows, so too does his own.


Points: 6
Ability: Dark Hunter. This ship cannot be pinned. Once per turn this ship may look at all face down cargo on any ship or island within L.

Flavor: The Shadowed One’s right hand and master spy, Lariska is skilled at finding hidden things, and making men disappear, often using her charm and beauty to lure enemies to their doom.


Points: 8
Ability: Dark Hunter. Every time this ship is given a move action, roll a d6. On a 5-6 this ship gets +L+L to its base move.
Link: Kerkah

Flavor: Cunning and devious, friends and foe alike have learned to never turn their back on him. Nidiki sold out his Ionic compatriots and joined up with the Dark Hunters in a bid for power. The Shadowed One has paired him with Kerkah to keep his devious plotting in check.


Points: 7
Ability: Dark Hunter. This ship gets +2 to her cannon rolls if a captain and helmsman crew are assigned to this ship.
Link: Nidiki

Flavor: Kerkah is as stupid as he is strong. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up with loyalty to the Shadowed One. He has been paired with Nidiki to keep his partners more treacherous tendencies in check.