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Jonathan Bowen

Hello, everyone!

Here’s the edit post I promised. It’s surprisingly short ?

Relevant Keywords:

1. Clipper Ship: This ship’s movement is measured from bow to stern.

2. Repeating Guns: When this ship is given a shoot action, you may declare that she is using repeating guns. If all cannons hit during that shoot action, each cannon may shoot again. (This action does not count towards the two action limit) For each cannon that misses on its second shot, eliminate one mast or cargo from this ship.

3. Battleship: A ship with this key word has two shots per mast and has Extended Range.

4. Blockade Runner: This ship gets +1 to ramming and boarding rolls. This ship can’t have her masts rammed off.


15. HMS Gil-Adriel
Points: 8
Masts: 2
Cannons: 4S,4S
Cargo: 2
Base Move: L
Ability: Ability text on Cursed pieces cannot affect this ship.

(edit: Point cost decreased from and ability text wording improved)

16. HMS Everjust
Points: 17
Masts: 4
Cannons: 2S, 3L, 3L, 2S
Cargo: 4
Base Move: S+S
Ability: Clipper Ship. Crew of any nationality may use their abilities on this ship.
Link: Master-at-Arms Wesley Dorrian

(edit: error with mast/cannon total has been fixed)

17. Master-at-Arms Wesley Dorrian
Points: 7
Ability: SAC. Once per turn, before giving this ship an action, roll a d6. On a result of an odd number, this ship gets +1 to cannon rolls for that turn. On a result of an even number, this ship gets +1 to boarding rolls for that turn.
Link: HMS Everjust

(edit: comma in name has been omitted, and “a shoot action”, has been replaced with “an action”)

18. RNS Celestial Fire
Points: 16
Masts: 5
Cannons: 3L,3L,3L,3L,3L
Cargo: 3
Base Move: L
Ability: Repeating Guns.

(edit: point cost decreased from 20)


2. USS Star Chaser
Points: 20
Masts: 3 (square)
Cannons: 4S,3S,4S
Cargo: 3
Base Move: S+S
Ability: Battleship. SAT.

(edit: EA has been replaced with SAT)

8. Théoden of Rohan
Points: 6
Ability: Captain. Reroll.
Link: Tapestry of Rohan

(edit: point cost has been decreased from 7)

15. USS Legion
Points: 22
Masts: 5
Cannons: 2L,4S,2L,4S,2L
Cargo: 6
Base Move: L
Ability: Blockade Runner. This ship gets +1 to cannon and boarding rolls for every crew on her.

(edit: name has been changed from “USS 12th Legion” to “USS Legion”)

These are the pieces that I know received constructive criticism. If there’s any other pieces that need adjustment, let me know how and I can officially make the edits on my Google Doc.
Tomorrow will be the first of the next faction: The Pirates!

-J. W. Darkhurst