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What? I released Draxon a while ago! He’s one of the big Mercenary crew of Epic Seas! XD

Case of same name, different person it seems. My Drazon is derived from this Hydraxon–>

Big news! The last Ionic crew! These three are the last named crew the Ionics receive, until the SE/LE section of the set. In addition to the named crew, they would receive a full complement of generic crew, such as captains, helmsmen, mustekeer’s etc. Anywho, the last three!

Guardian— This piece is linked to all other pieces with this keyword.

Points: 12
Ability: Guardian. Once at the beginning of each of your turns roll a d6. On a 6 as a free action, dock this ship at any wild or un-explored island.

Flavor: A giant of a man, Botar inspires fear in all, even among his fellow guardians. He is the one who is called on when one of them breaks their silence, reveals their secrets or betrays them. What he does with them once he’s caught them only he knows.

Points: 4
Ability: Parley. Re-roll

Flavor: Dume has ruled over the Ionic people for as long as many of them can remember. His age brings a great wisdom, and he is often able to get things he wants without having to give up too much.

Points: 11
Ability: Limit. Copying. Link: All Ionic ships.

Flavor: Whether this being is the actual manifestation of the Ionic deity, or is a madman is unknown. He inspires devotion and worship, akin to prophets of other religions.