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Only a few more of the Ionic crew, and then onto the Pirates!

Points: 9
Ability: When this ship is given a shoot action, you may choose to reduce all her cannons to S and select a single target to which all cannons can draw a clear line of fire. Roll a d6; if the result is more than the rank of all of this ship’s cannons they all hit.

Flavor: Kihwe can shoot the wings off of a fly, without killing it. He has trained every gunner on every serving Ionic ship, often times his presence no board spurs his protégées and students to greater feats.

Points: 9
Ability: Before you give this ship an action roll a d6. On a 6 this ships base move becomes D for this turn. This ship cannot be given an action on its next turn.

Flavor: It is said that Urupan has discovered a way to fly. One would not think that a bulky man such as he would be capable of much grace, let alone flight. And yet sailors swear they have seen him soar over masts and yardarms, and on occasion, have seen the ship he is on lift from the water and soar through the sky.