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Why is Jasper Greene so expensive? I don’t think that version of the copy ability is worth that much, since the only things you’ll be copying are by and large generic abilities like musketeer, firepot specialist or helmsman.

Also, why is Theoden 7 points? Those abilities have been seen together at 6 points on crew like Jonathan Haraden, Lord Thomas Gunn, etc.

Explorer + SAT strikes me as a combo that probably shouldn’t show up together on a crew. Kano is quite interesting.

Well….. I already made an explorer + EA crew and a helmsman + SAT crew……

I had a thought for yet another version of K’Tung. It combines the idea you had for her ability, along with a ‘cure’ kind of ability.

K’Tung (proposed change)
Points: 28
Masts: 5
Cargo: 4
Cannons: 3S-3L-4S-3L-3S
Movement: L
Ability: Once per turn when this ship is hit, instead eliminate a mast from the attacking ship. Give this ship a move action, but do not move her. Roll a d6; on a 4-6 fully repair every friendly ship within S of this ship.

changes in italic