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For now I’ve upped the cost of the canoes to 17, but kept all of their other stats intact, such as their movement, cargo, etc. I think it would make a good blog post, or perhaps a podcast topic?

Anewo could have black mark, but the source (onewa, toa of stone, metru-nui) had a mind controlling ability. I didn’t want to make him a standard mind controller crew, like the DJC version of LeBeaux, and I didn’t want to make him the last part of All-Powerful. Testing might be necessary for him.

In my head Wanhu’s islands are completely blank, no gold or resource potential on them when they are created. Certain UT’s and Mysterious islands can fling treasure to other islands, that’d be the ONLY way that gold winds up on the islands he makes, other than building and demolishing a fort. Now that I’ve mentioned them, I’m wondering if I need to include a line somewhere that says ‘non-mysterious island’ so that people can’t use him to bring one into play. I think he DEFINITELY needs some testing, regular games and campaigns.

K’Tung’s source (Keetongu, titan, visorak era) gives him multiple abilities, chiefly among them a ‘cure’ for a venom. That aspect of him was harped upon A LOT, so I decided to go with a less focused on aspect of him. I could go back the other way and give him/it some kind of super shipwright ability, but I do like the alternative you suggested. Going that route, I’d probably make the cannon ranks better, which could keep it in the low 20 point range.

Part of the reason I made the ability involve die rolling is that I thought that might be too powerful, mainly because I was thinking that it would automatically hit the attacking ship every time it got hit, and not once per turn. For example, HMS London pulls broadside and fires off 4 shots and hits every time. For every shot that hits, one mast is eliminated from the London.

I just thought of some kind of mesh of abilities actually. K’Tung’s ability becomes automatic, and the hit backs are IN ADDITION. That is every time an enemy ship hits K’Tung, it loses a mast, but the attacking ship also loses a mast for every hit.
Hmmm. That actually might be worse. I’ll probably adopt your solution or think of a super shipwright idea.