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Name: Ballast

Point Cost: 3

Ability: You may eliminate this crew to give this ship an extra S to this ship’s base move for the rest of the game. (You have to include this crew into the build total.)

This one is game-breaking as written.   For only a single point more than a standard Helmsman you’ve got one that is permanent, un-cancellable, takes up no cargo space, AND can still stack with a Helmsman.     At the absolute bare minimum the cost needs to be doubled but probably even more.   Adding Limit would be a good idea too, especially for higher-point games where players could fit multiples in a fleet, so this doesn’t become another “automatic” item that players would feel they need to have in order to remain competitive.

Tracking of permanent effects can be problematic too, especially in longer games and when ships change hands multiple times.   It’s much better for “elimination” effects to apply immediately and only on the turn they’re used, so there’s no need to keep track of which hidden/extra bonuses are still in play a few turns later.

I think something like this would be much better suited as a UT that just remains face up on your ship without taking up space.  Then all of the issues above go away entirely.

Name: Joli Rouge

Once per turn, you may roll a d6. On a result of 1-3, give her no action; On a result of 4-6, you may give this ship an extra action.

What is the intended timing on the roll for this ability?   Potentially losing the ability to give this ship any actions for a turn is very, very different from being a version of the existing extra action roll with slightly better odds, and it’s not entirely clear from the wording which it’s meant to be.

Either change the “Once per turn…” to “At the beginning of your turn…”, or drop the 1-3 result line entirely, depending on which option you want.

If it’s meant to be the beginning of turn version, you should also add either “may” or “must” into the part about rolling to make it clear if it’s mandatory or not.