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I would argue that the Matoran Canoes are likely more OP than the Chaser, though I like them better.

What makes them OP? Their speed, cargo, ability, or a combination of all three?

Two new crew!

Points: 6
Ability: Captain. Re-roll.

Flavor: Despite his protests, Amakav was placed in command of the Ionic navy and oversees fleet operations. He is constantly worrying about making mistakes and feels he is not fit for the role he has been given.

Points: 6
Ability: At the beginning of each of your turns roll a d6. On a 4-6, instead of giving this ship an action, choose two icebergs from outside the game. Put one L away from this ship and one L away from a wild island. Neither can be placed so that it touches any island or ship. This ship is immune to icebergs.

Flavor: One of the foremost Antarctic explorers, Iju seems to have brought the ice back with him. The air grows cold wherever he goes and icebergs and floes are often seen around his ship, even when it is not in the Antarctic.