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Sorry if some of these are obvious or repeats.

Does a ship with an Explorer have to look at coins when it docks and explores or can it just mark the island explored?

Do you have to place a ship at a different whirlpool when the Whirlpool UT is triggered?

If a ship is only in contact with a ship stealer such as the Harbinger by the jib/foremast which is subsequently removed, is that ship still considered “in contact” with the Harbinger because that was the previous state of touching?  Similarly, does a mast elimination remove the state of being pinned? (ex: a titan takes out a mast from a ship it pinned in place, and that mast was their only point of contact)

Do sea creature segments block other segments’ lines of fire?  (ex: a titan shooting forward of itself with the outer arms will have a hard time)

Does derelicting a towing ship break the tow?

What are your thoughts on a situation where an optionally loaded UT like Homing Beacon is left on a wild island, only one player knows this and wants to call the game because it’s not worth a gold value? (not callable but this is really interesting given HI Raiders/etc.)
-On that point, does Wine have to be on a home island for the game to end?