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Seems like a very good linked pair. Malophoros gives the Corsairs another much-needed fleet admiral, and the the Rachna is a very good gunship, with some of the best cannons you can get your hands on. With that much point space and some decent cargo, you could set her up as an ‘equipment ship’ with one or two different equipment to use with those L range cannons, like fire or double shot, or your own Bow Chasers.

Two more! An interesting Sea Monster and the last two master!

Points: 16
Masts: 2
Cargo: 0
Cannons 2S-3S
Movement: S+L
Ability: Sea Monster. You may use up to 4 copies of Takea at once.

flavor: Ionic sailors have a mix of hatred and reverence for Takea, the great sharks. Usually harmless unless provoked, one is enough to severely damage any ship, encounter or anger a school and you might not live to see the morrow.

Masts: 2 (sloop)
Cargo: 1
Cannons: 3S-3S
Movement: S+S
Ability: This ship cannot load or be affected by Unique Treasures.

flavor: The captain of the Kes has gone out of his way to keep his ship and crew away from unexplored regions, where strange artifacts and relics of ‘unnatural power’ would tempt him and his crew.

I don’t have a fixed cost yet for the Kes. Aside from her ability she’s underwhelming and quite possibly bad. My initial thought is somewhere around 10 points for her.