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A keyword that could be used to “replace” Sea Monster. I would have no intention of retroactively applying this to WK ships or to my own exiting customs. Anywho, this was spawned after some discussion between my brothers and I after some minor discussion on Discord. I present the Sea Beast keyword.


Sea Beast

A ship with this keyword printed on its deckplate card is a sea creature.

At the beginning of your turn, decide if the Sea Beast is submerged or on the surface. If submerged, a Sea Beast can only move; it cannot shoot or be shot at, and it cannot be rammed. A submerged Sea Beast may ram another ship, but only succeeds on a die roll of 5-6. Regardless of success, it must immediately be moved S away from the target instead of boarding. A submerged Sea Beast gains +S to its printed base movement while it is submerged.

If a Sea Beast is on the surface, it may move or shoot like a normal ship. As long as a Sea Beast has all of its segments, it may move and shoot as part of the same move action. A Sea Beast may ram opposing ships (the rammed ship becomes pinned instead of the Sea Beast) and it may board. After winning a boarding action the Sea Beast may eliminate a crew or steal a treasure (if cargo space permits), but it cannot capture crew and if it takes a unique treasure that treasure is eliminated.

A Sea Beast may repair missing segments only at sea. If a Sea Beast repairs a segment, it cannot be given any additional actions. A Sea Beast cannot repair a segment as the result of an extra action.