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This should be limited to once per turn, so it can’t be infinitely chained with lucky rolls.  It might be a minor issue on a single-mast ship, but imagine it being copied by a 10-master, or even a 5-mast ship.  It should also be clarified that it gives a single shoot action if any sixes are rolled during the first action, not a shoot action for each six rolled.

I’ll be sure to add clarifying text.

The six roll on this one feels right on the edge of being game-breaking.  Get this character on a 10-masted ship with a re-roller and you can potentially grab almost anything else without much of a fight.  Testing would definitely be needed to be sure, but no one is going to enjoy watching their fully-loaded warship get stolen and immediately turned against them after a single lucky die roll.

I certainly plan on doing some play testing once the set is more or less complete. I’m a little hesitant on changing the effects of the ability as I personally really like the idea, however I’m definitely not opposed to adding further restrictions to make that result harder to achieve. Is there anything you would suggest?