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“Infin8Ouroboros said”

To be clear, a “ghostly” ghost ship only ignores terrain while physically in motion, not during the entire move action(and associated free actions), correct?

 This has generated some rules discussion on Discord, including whether a Ghostly Ship can shoot from within a terrain (such as an iceberg or Fog) while said ship is ghostly and overlapping said terrain. Additionally there is some confusion about this line of text from the Code:


“The effect of ghostly only applies when the ship is moving. If it stops on terrain, the effects apply normally.”

this line from the code is my main point of contention, as it is unclear when a ship is considered to have “stopped moving”

is it at the end of a move action or the moment during a move action at which all movement segments (and stern turns, etc) have been used?

The movement effect of Ghostly starts at the beginning of the ship’s first movement segment and stops at the end of the ship’s very last segment (a stern turn is treated as the last segment; a windcatcher flip is treated as the first).

The movement effect does not apply for the entire duration of a move action, such as during free actions generated during or because of that move action.   In other words, if the Ghostly ship’s last movement segment ends with it overlapping terrain, it must deal with that terrain before it can use other free actions, like a captain.    It’ll take damage from an iceberg before shooting, or it’ll get pulled into the fog bank preventing it from shooting at all.


Historical Fun Fact:  Way back when Crimson Coast first came out, Ghostly and the terrain-ignoring ability (only Agustin Covas at the time) were both allowed to ignore terrain for the entire move action, including for a captain’s shooting.   Covas on El Neptuno could do a really cool hit-and-fade attack from within fog banks, with no good way to defend against it other than staying out of its 2L range.   That obviously created some issues, so it got shut down relatively quickly.