Reply To: 2021 End of Year Awards


I’m late but

Fleet of the Year: A small 40 point, two ship fleet I started the year with. Was the maiden voyage for my HMS Swallow, and took down a particularly annoying Baochuan build. This started my year of pondering on the english being higher on my list of favorite factions than I care to admit 😉

Picture of the Year: Posted on FB at the end of the year…Snuck right in but it was an inspiring pic to say the least.

May be an image of 3 people and outdoors

and one to toot my own horn: From my TLAP Day game…major AWE vibes

No photo description available.

Game of the Year: With humans, 4 player 100 point game when Ben visited this year, although playing on the Strip was an equally exciting time. Solo, I would say the above mentioned TLAP game was the best solo game I have ever played.

Video of the Year: Obago Deuce taking a dive into the Bellagio lake…screw you Deuce!!

Thing of the Year: Eating Breakfast beneath a Phallic cloud.

Event of the Year: Again, seeing my boy Ben this year was great. Fourth of July with Ben at Lake Mead was super memorable for me. Here’s to another year!