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Hi all. On our last game there were about a half dozen rule questions raised. The Pirate Code solved most of these, but I do have a timing question. When you move into contact with a derelict ship, you can tow her. She, her crew and treasure are then part of your fleet and can take actions, other than move or shoot (that’s what I remember from the Code).

So if I were to cause a ship to become derelict with one ship, then tow it with another, does the towed, derelict ship (now part of my fleet) then get an action, as it is now part of my fleet and yet to take an action on my turn?

Likewise, if I am towing and successfully dock at my home island, does the derelict ship (after being moved to a docked position on the home island) then get an action on my turn?

Example 1) where you were towing and the derelict ship being towed had a shipwright aboard, could the derelict repair itself while being towed? Repair is not a move or shoot action.

Example 2) where you dock your ship at a home island and it is towing a derelict, could the derelict (when it is placed in the docked position at the home island) take a repair action the turn it was docked?

Example 3) can your ship initiate a tow and then you immediately try to scuttle the ship you just started to tow?

Apologies if this has already been answer, which I’m sure is somewhere in the Code given how comprehensive it is.

EDIT: I had one more question as I couldn’t find an answer… can you ‘stack’ generic crew and benefit from an ability more than once? Specifically, I’m thinking having multiple Musketeer and Helmsman. I get that multiple captains would be pointless and that cannoneers can be stacked but only one per cannon on the ship.