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I can bump the Masque to 21-22 points easy enough. I think she was around there, but then the Man-O-War keyword changed a little so I decreased her to 20.

Interesting that you say that about the Savant and Sub-hunter, as you were the one who suggested their cost of 8 on MT when I first posted them. 😀

Chasseur can come down to 10 points, since I don’t really want to hand out general +1 to d6 abilities.

Cataclysme is probably getting a nerf, range and effect both.

The chateu is based off of a place in the Count of Monte Cristo. A prison I believe.

Hmmmm. Umarak is based off of a character who could transform into a light beam and zip around real fast. I translated that into fog hopping, since turning into light is a little too much for pirates. 😀 I can think about some other kind of ability, since the source character was really fast. Maybe some kind of crazy speed boost?

Yeah, I was thinking Dubois might be a little too cheap. I can bring him up to 8 or 9 points easily enough.

I haven’t figured out a flavor text for Amalie yet….. But I really want to. 😀

Would dropping Jan’s price help, or would an ability re-work be more suitable?

Hmmm. I can raise St. Croix to 10, or I can give him standard world hating. I’m not sure.

I don’t highly value the Doctor ability at all, which is why I put it at around 2 on Bordeuax. I don’t think the ability is very useful, but that could be because I’ve almost never used it or had it used against me. I can put him at 7 but that makes him feel over priced to me.

I thought the last line of his ability text was fairly clear, it’s meant to not be used on consecutive actions and consecutive turns. I’ll probably add some wording to make it more clear, I think I left it like that to avoid his ability text becoming too wordy.

Glad you liked the flavor texts! There’s some overarching plot lines to Spherus Magna, such as the confrontation and meeting of the offspring of Montana Mays and Guy LaPlante, and the adventures of past crew from the various factions and how they interact with the new ‘world power’ that is the Ionics.

Speaking of the Ionics,

Points: 15
Nationality: Ionic
Masts: 3
Cargo: 3
Cannons: 2S-3L-2S
Movement: S+L
Ability: Two hits are required in the same shoot action eliminate one of this ships masts.