3 Players, 60 Points on VASSAL with Gazerbeam543 and Captain Skelebone!

Fivers Onslaught

This was a 3×60 game on the VASSAL module with Gazerbeam543 and Captain Skelebone, organized through the Pirates discord server. No house rules were used. We ended up placing two terrain each.

Here is the fleet I used, one I created in 2022 that I’ve been wanting to try out:

SaCCing Fivers (60 points) (C’s capitalized because both ships with Sac are from Crimson Coast – CC)
Roanoke + Captain Blackheart, Commodore Matthew Perry, helmsman, explorer, oarsmen x3
La Victoire + Havana Black, helmsman, explorer, oarsmen x4
Aberdeen Baron + helmsman, oarsman
UT’s: Weapons, Abandoned oarsman, explorer

  1. A7XfanBen: 28 gold
  2. Gazerbeam543: 18
  3. Skelebone: 0

A 5 mast pileup!

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