8/25/2018 – Progress Update #2


Got email from user from reddit who recommended httrack – will look into details of stuff tomorrow
Ran httrack “update” or “fix” of some kind on the original mirroring process from MT’s homepage – seems to have updated the data on my computer, as the directory seems larger (way too much to look at/decipher)
Got this amusing message from the log file errors once it finished:
“23:00:30 Panic: Too many URLs, giving up..(>100000)”
-This second process took about 16 hours, very similar to the first. Might need to investigate running httrack on more limited urls (rather than trying to capture ALL of Miniature Trading lol)
Saved my oldest page of fleets, hope to save rest tomorrow https://imgur.com/a/jpcGciI
-I’ve been uploading pictures (of fleets/MR/forum pages) to a combination of google drive, imgur, and postimages for extra backup and security
Overwhelmed, but making progress! Hoping to make progress on various stuff every day.

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