8/24/2018 – Progress update

Started running httrack from recommendation at subreddit. Entered homepage url of MT for site to “mirror”, will leave computer on and let it run.
Created a new Pirates-based Gmail account, primarily for data storage and backup
-Made a primitive/starter forum at PwB, tested functions of logging in/out and posting successfully via a second account. Much work to be done with it, but basics seem to work.
Used google sheets embedding to put spreadsheet of Customs on My Custom Stuff page
Experimenting on this due to possibility of an google sheets or excel-based database that could be embedded/etc into my site
Key would be to have a searchable database that could be filtered/etc. (hoping the plugin can help with that)
-Plugin does not display my Customs spreadsheet properly – through some searching it seems I should edit the stylesheet/css, which I’ll probably try to figure out unless another option seems better. (current page is simple embedding, not using plugin)
-Any way to easily download all Pirates database pictures from MT? (just the picture files, so we can host them elsewhere and still have them) (already sent a different message to admin about something else, but may inquire about this possibility as well)
-Saved all of my Miniature Reviews: https://imgur.com/a/gp9MpIU (will also be posting them to my fansite Pirates with Ben as time allows)

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