10 years since Pirates CSG went out of print

The Dreaded Anniversary

On November 10th, 2008, Topps shut down Wizkids.  Today, November 10th 2018, marks exactly 10 years to the day that Pirates CSG went out of print. In my opinion it is undoubtedly the darkest day in the game’s history by far.  A sort of “death date” if you will, at least as far as production goes.  The game has been kept alive through lots of playing, many collectors out there trying to acquire stuff, and a robust and even resurgent eBay market.

However, 2018 has turned into another dark year for Pirates.  Perhaps it’s almost fitting that a decade after the collapse of the game’s future, dark times return for a (hopefully brief) period of time.

From my post at Miniature Trading, whose potential loss represents a huge hit to the Pirates CSG online community:

a7xfanben wrote:
Seems like little is going right for Pirates CSG as a whole this year. Not that there’s no good news, but it’s gotten rough. MT’s likely demise obviously being the biggest hit. I haven’t completed a game since June. (though The Hourly Campaign will start gameplay soon) Xerecs and both of his brothers got banned for somewhat of a triviality. Understandably the forum has become a ghost town here. (difficult to even justify writing this if it might be gone in 3 weeks) 

I’m an optimist by nature and certainly won’t make many negative posts like this, but honestly 2018 is a dark year for Pirates CSG. Sad 

Plenty of good things too, just not much right now. Ah well, perhaps it’s like an intermission before the Age of Piracy rises again! XD

It really puts into perspective how quickly the game went out of print in relation to the final set – Savage Shores was released only 5 days earlier!  Woelf joined MT that same day, and posted this thread soon afterwards.

There are a number of things to get excited about with Pirates CSG.  We’ve got community members outside of MT, can play virtually with the VASSAL module, and people are still out there playing the game.  At this point my main priority is to optimize Pirates with Ben for the long term.  I’m currently working on making the site faster, and once that’s done I hope to edit the forum a bit in terms of settings and appearance.  From there I certainly plan to keep producing new Pirates CSG content in addition to republishing my older content from Miniature Trading and elsewhere.

Feel free to comment below your thoughts on this dark anniversary, in addition to any thoughts on how to optimize the future of Pirates Constructible Strategy Game.

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