VERY cheap OE + another anniversary

Now that I’ve completed my first full year on youtube, I’m quite happy with my progress.  That’s right, yesterday’s video blog was uploaded to youtube exactly one year after my first youtube video.  🙂

No big changes to the site, but there are some minor behind-the-scenes stuff I’d like to figure out.  Some of the pages I’m excited about adding will take much more than one day to finish and publish, but the current content on all the pages is a lot more than the bare bones stuff I started with.  Right after this post I’m going to try and unfreeze the menu from the top because it has gotten big and shouldn’t scroll with the page.  At the bottom of the blog posts the text seems to glitch a bit with the picture for some reason, creating or deleting line breaks that don’t exist in the editor.  Not a big deal at least.  I’m also experimenting with making the font size a little bigger, mostly because it has seemed a little small, but also because that seems to be glitching a bit too!


Deal of the Day: 36 pack box of OE for just 39.99 with FREE shipping! Possibly with a tournament pack!!  This is a great deal, since HWG has 36 pack lots (without the box) for $38, but their shipping cost to me is somehow about $20, and I’m located quite close to them (Pennsylvania to New York).

-I have messaged the seller on eBay to ask whether or not all of the boxes come with tournament packs, as it looks like one in the picture.  If they respond I will give their response in that day’s blog post and possibly update this post as well.  You can hit “contact seller” on the right side of the listing to ask them yourself.  It says “more than 10 available” so no real rush, but considering the high shipping on Hills’ lot, this is worth it even without a tournament pack.

If they have tournament packs, this could be one of the better Pirates deals EVER.  You’re only paying about a dollar per pack, but throw in free shipping and a potential tournament pack (OE LE’s are rare and expensive, though bad in gameplay) and you’ve got something pretty special in my opinion.

**Disclaimer: I will be using affiliate links with things like this, so if someone buys from it, I could make a few cents.  XD

EDIT: I have gotten a response, though it’s not entirely reassuring.  XD

















Pirates CSG Card of the Day

Set number: 2 – Crimson Coast

Collector’s Number: 023 – Crimson Angel

6 points

Once per turn, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, this ship may be given an extra action.

Flavor: A magnificent creature drenched in the blood of her enemies. Crimson Angel is from either heaven or hell, depending on your point of view. She attacks crowns and pirates alike, seemingly loyal to none but her own. Even then, she rewards betrayal with swift and deadly vengeance, but her word is legend on the Crimson Coast.

This crew has always been a bit of a conundrum, since Admiral Morgan introduced EA (Extra Action) as 5 points in the first set, Spanish Main.  EA also appeared at about 5 points on most other crew, so Crimson Angel is simply overpriced compared to her peers.  However, EA is amazing.  It’s definitely one of the best abilities in the game, to the point where I’d be willing to pay 6-7 points for it (I’d be willing to pay 5-6 points for SAT/Born Leader).  In that regard, Crimson Angel is still useful.  

There’s just one major problem: her OE version is far better, giving you SAT and World Hater for just FIVE points!  O_O  Normally they’re worth 7 combined, with SAT at 3 and WH at 4.  This makes the OE version one of the best crew deals in the entire game, and a PERFECT crew for any gunship.  The OE version is underpriced, while the CC version is overpriced, making it a no-brainer if you have them both.  They’re both Rare, but OE is a much more common set than CC (especially nowadays), so you’re more likely to end up with the better version anyway.  As a result, the CC version has been largely forgotten for good reason.

As far as using Crimson Angel on specific ships, she’s best on a large gunship that can accommodate her relatively high cost.  A gunship that costs at least 11 points would be best, to save point cap room for a captain and helmsman.  That said, the OE version would be better on the same gunship for a point less.

Game Piece Rating: 4/10.  I hate to give her this low of a rating, but getting EA for 6 points and having a far superior version of the same character available makes her first version somewhat disappointing.  Don’t get me wrong though; EA as an ability would get an 8.5/10 or 9/10 rating from me, but this particular crew doesn’t measure up to the considerable competition.

-You can pick up the (superior) OE version here.  Couldn’t find the CC version individually through a quick search, but it’s not a crew to seek out anyway.


Picture of the Day

Time for Throwback Thursday.  This was a fun 4 player game played three years ago today on May 24th 2015.  I taught two of the three other players, so it was their first game.  (they’ve played a bit since but don’t have lasting interest)  I think I won based on pure gold luck, but everyone played pretty well I believe.  HMS Talon (commanded by one of the beginners) dominated the attention.  XD

Played on the Plunder Pack map. (click to buy)





It’s a Pirates’ Life for Me.



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