Using new game pieces – May 12th, 2013

It’s been a while since I last played. I won’t be doing any massive games anytime soon, but I was able to get a little game in today. Since my last bunch of games, I’ve acquired a few new pieces. First and foremost, the original Flying Dutchman! I also got my first four masted galley, the English ship Alexandria, as well as my first set of Native Canoes, the Spanish ones. Other new additions include HMS Durham, the Spanish ship San Francisco, the Spanish flotilla Diablo, the Pirate ship Gruesome, a few 0LR rerollers, and a handful of UT’s.

For today’s game, I wanted to try out the new stuff. The English sent the Alexandria out with the ROTF version of Hermione Gold (captain + helmsman), along with an explorer. By combining the two generic crew in one cargo space, she would still have room for two treasures. The Durham was crewed with a captain, helmsman, explorer, and Commodore Rhys Gryffyn Owen, leaving her with two more cargo spaces for gold. Two beautiful four masters from BC, sailing for the first time! Using new game pieces

The Spanish went with a much smaller approach. Their “flagship” was the San Francisco, crewed with a captain, helmsman, and explorer. She is a very versatile ship, with good guns and cargo space to go along with her S+S speed. The Santa Teresa was the only other true ship that the Spanish used, and she would tow the new flotilla, Diablo. The Santa Teresa was picked for her point cost (9), which let the Tribal Chieftain come aboard to command the Native Canoes.

The English went first, with the Alexandria and Durham splitting up to grab some gold. The Spanish sent the San Francisco off to find gold, while the Santa Teresa went after the Alexandria. On the next turn, the Native Canoes loaded gold from the wild island they started at. The Alexandria headed for home with a few gold coins, but the Santa Teresa maneuvered to get the Diablo within firing range. The Alexandria lost two masts, but responded the next turn by taking out the lone mast on the Teresa as she sailed into port to bring home 5 gold. The Durham loaded two coins as well, but she couldn’t return home so quickly, for her captain knew of the treasure-enhancing ability of the canoes (+1 to each coin). It was a race back to the HI of the Spaniards! The Durham only has S-range guns, and used one to take out a mast on the San Francisco, but none of her other guns were in range of the San Francisco or the canoes. All six Spanish vessels docked on the next turn, revealing 17 gold after the bonuses were added in, giving the Spanish the victory!

Additional Comment:

5/12/13: I’ve played two more games with my new stuff. The first one pitted the English fleet above against a Cursed/Pirate fleet: the Flying Dutchman crewed with OE Fantasma, a helmsman, and 3 oarsmen, and the Gruesome with a helmsman. The Alexandria and Durham were both headed home with gold, but the Dutchman was blockading their HI. The Durham took off two of the Dutchman’s masts, but she responded on the following turn by using Broadsides Attack to derelict both the Durham and the Alexandria (saccing an oarsman to move-and-shoot twice), giving the Cursed Pirates a quick victory.

For the second game, the Dutchman and the Gruesome faced the Spanish fleet. This game didn’t take long either. The Gruesome rammed the Santa Teresa to dismast her and make Diablo stationary. Then the Flying Dutchman took out all five canoes in one turn, and the San Francisco was sunk, making the Cursed Pirates the victor in both of today’s games!

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