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Question of the Day: Which Pirates CSG project are you most excited about?


A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has been doing great things with the game lately!  It is SO awesome to see the progress made!

-Holofernes selling off entire collection for $8822!

-OD new record at $1825.01


Link to join the Discord:

Projects discussion:


TilorFire27’s database with all cards on one page:

His Instagram:

Vulkan’s Etsy shop:

3D print files from PirateCaptain Andrew (DoubleAASauce):


Matt P’s site:


I should be moving to Washington by early September!  (near Wizkids old location, some of their Pirates employees, and not far from PDXYAR!  Not to mention shortish flights to Vegas and LA to see Captain Randy and Xerecs!)

-Hope to be in Las Vegas for about a week in July if you want to join Captain Randy and I for the beginnings of a PirateCon


Deal of the Day:

The MI box (affiliate link):

Card of the Day: Cat’s Claw, 032 from OE.  All game pieces found in the Master Spreadsheet:

Picture of the Day:


Stay tuned for another epic turn in VASSAL Campaign Game 4!


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  1. Awesome Vlog post Ben! I really am enjoying this fresh renaissance in the Pirates game!

    Question for you: did you ever put together a spreadsheet for suggested point costs for custom ships? E.G. sail/cannon ranks, hold, speed, special abilities, etc

    I’m wanting to order some custom ships but could use a guide to help with point cost(s).

    • Thank you! I am massively enjoying it too! 😀

      I have not put together a spreadsheet like that. I don’t know the formula that Wizkids used. You can generally see “my” point costs for some abilities on the first tab of the Customs Database. In addition, you can check out the current results of the Ability Costs Survey to see what the community/players in general think abilities should cost.

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