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Sorry for the lack of video blog post as I have been doing (and will continue to attempt) on Monday-Friday, and sorry for the short post.  Today sort of got away from me a bit, but I want to keep trying to do video blogs at least 5 times a week.

Deal of the Day: Revolution lot with some of the game’s most effective ships.  The Banshee’s Cry is the best gold runner in the game, and the Constitution is just about tied with the Acorazado and Endeavour for the title of best overall gunship regardless of game size.  The Franklin is also extremely good, and somewhat hard to find these days I believe.

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Pirates CSG Card of the Day

Set number: 13 – Savage Shores

Collector’s Number: 015 – L’epee de L’ange

Faction Affiliation: France
Rarity: U
Type: Ship
Point Value: 17
Cargo Space: 3
Base Move: L
Cannons: 3L, 4L, 4L, 3L
Number of Masts: 4

This ship’s cannons may not be eliminated (masts still may be). If derelict, she cannot shoot.

Flavor: Able to stand against the greatest of England’s warships, the “Angel’s Sword” might be the key to France’s ultimate victory over the British.

This ship has a solid but overpriced ability.  Her low cargo and speed relegate her to the expensive but ineffective gunship role, and being French means she will almost never see usage.  I’ve had this ship used against me in a few casual games with beginner players, and she was solid but unspectacular.  I always recommend putting an oarsman on any ship with this ability because they stop the ship from becoming technically derelict, meaning that the ship can fire all of her cannons even with no masts remaining.  With a captain and helmsman also aboard, this means you could move S+S and fire 4 shots with a ship that looks dead in the water!  🙂

Standard 40 point games: Captain/helmsman/oarsman.  (23 total points)

Bigger games (60+ points): Barbinais + captain/helmsman/oarsman.  This gives you better firepower on guns that will be constantly firing every turn even as the ship gets closer to sinking.  (27 total points)

Game Piece Rating: 3/10.  This ship might be worth her cost with S+S speed and all 2L guns, but as-is she falls far short of what you expect out of a 4 masted gunship.  Improving her to the point of serious playability will cost you more points than most are willing to spend.

The French ship in a game played on the map from the Plunder Pack.

Plunder Pack map


Picture of the Day

3 years ago today, the Pirate Home Island Raiding Squadron set sail during Economy Edition.

June 18th 2015 in Economy Edition

Pirates on the move!


It’s a Pirates’ Life for Me.


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