Pirates CSG – Why I love it so much

Pirates CSG – Why I love it so much

(From a thread at Miniature Trading)

I love that the game is so customizable and unique. There are a few other games (like Sails of Glory) that use miniature ships, but none where you can build each and every ship and have so many different ship and crew types available. The different combinations of fleet setups are essentially limitless!

I love how unlimited Pirates CSG is in terms of size, scope, and area. You can have a build total as small as (realistically) 10 or as high as infinity! Your play area is only limited by how big your table or floor is. Unlike almost ALL other games there is no limit to movement. There are no predetermined routes on which to sail, and no concrete “quests” or goals that every player must complete. You can sail anywhere you like and do whatever you like.

(I played Ticket to Ride recently and although it’s a good game, I was struck by how limited everything was. There’s only so many routes, and only so many cities to go through. With Pirates there’s just open ocean and an unlimited number of potential fleets to sail out in search of gold and glory!)

Command the Oceans 2017 - Pirates CSG campaign game

The Sea of Karkuda in Command the Oceans, 2017.


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  1. Hi Ben, I thought it was a video game until I read further in your post.
    I loved the POTC movies because, like you said, it’s full adventures.
    The Pirates CSG will definitely take you where the movie does not because your imagination will be your limit!
    This is a must have collection for the pirates fan.

    • @Fred Ota: Indeed! That is a great point about how your imagination can take you places where the movies don’t! It’s certainly been true in my huge games, which are always a fun adventure.

      Thanks for your comment!

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