Pirates of the Caribbean movie – My favorite is…

Pirates of the Caribbean movie – My favorite is…

Curse of the Black Pearl Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Buy the movie for an incredible experience!

I’ve seen all 5 of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies multiple times.  In a separate post, I ranked them all.  If you’ve already seen that post, this one won’t come as a surprise.

Of course my favorite is the first one, The Curse of the Black Pearl.  Not only is it the best movie in the franchise, it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen!!

A true swashbuckling film from start to finish, this movie resurrected the pirate genre and spurred a blockbuster series that has lasted 15+ years.


  • Cast and the characters they portray
  • Historical setting mixed with the right amount of fantasy
  • Understandable plot with twists and turns that make things exciting
  • Multiple climaxes in a way – many peak experiences throughout the movie
  • Unforgettable music, on par with the best in movie history

Cons: None!  The Curse of the Black Pearl is the most perfect movie I’ve ever seen!

Ben’s Rating: 10/10

In addition to being an incredible film, it seems to have inspired some of the Wizkids sets that came out afterwards, such as Davy Jones’ Curse and Ocean’s Edge.  Taking it a step further, Wizkids even partnered up with Disney to make the notable Pirates of the Caribbean set! (which you can find details about here)

Not only a great movie, but a nice set for the Pirates CSG game

In the PotC set, the Wizkids Pirates game saw a ton of useful and awesome pieces from the first movie come to life.  Captain Jack Sparrow is arguably the greatest crew in the entire game (fittingly enough perhaps!).  The Black Pearl is one of the most fearsome gunships in the game.  HMS Interceptor has the potential for blazing speed.  Many other great crew and Unique Treasures make up the set, in addition to the game pieces added for the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  Check out the podcast below for a full overview of the set!


What is YOUR favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie??

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  1. Ben, I too enjoyed watching these movies. I took my son who has Autism to see them. Johnny Depp has always been one of my favorite actors in recent years. But lately, since he has said some terrible comments about President Trump, I have started to dislike him. But besides this point, he is a great actor and I did love these movies.

    You have done a great job with your website and people will enjoy your reviews.

    • @Daniel Barley: Agreed. Johnny is great but certainly eccentric (or worse) at times.
      Thank you for commenting, I appreciate the feedback! You can see all of my reviews here.

  2. Great review

    I have never watched any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and have never really interested me.
    This review however has sparked an interest due to the fact that you said it is a perfect movie with no Cons.

    I want to see it myself. wish me luck

    • @Thabo: Thank you! I can certainly recommend all of the PotC movies, but especially the first one. No better way to jump into the series than watch the 2003 classic and fall in love. 😀 Hope you can watch it soon!

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