July 24th, 2011 – The First Battle Report by A7XfanBen

Just a thread where people can share their experiences. A thank you to CCMike for the original inspiration.

So I haven’t talked about it here yet, but my historical fantasy scenario has been going well. I start with 20 points worth of masts(each mast costs 4 gold, so that’s five masts at the beginning). Repairs cost 2 gold per mast. I am currently using a dozen islands. I am using the infantry and artillery units from Risk for land troops on islands and for harbour defense(2 gold for infantry and 6 for artillery).

The fleets built themselves up with some gold-running and launching of ships. The Pirates went after the French in their harbour and though they inflicted impressive damage(over 60 masts lost), the French held on through two raids. The English went after the Spanish in their harbour, but were more timid than usual and the raids were inconclusive(English just feeling out the opposing fleet I guess). The nations repaired and were ready to go today. By the way, the other faction I’m using is the only pre-set alliance, a combination of the Americans, Mercenaries, Cursed, Corsair, and Jade Rebellion (I don’t have enough of these for them to hold their own in a fleet action).

Battle-weary and expecting another raid, the French gathered their troops and remaining gold and made a beeline northwest into unfamiliar territory (their harbour is the furthest east, and due west is the Pirate harbour). Sure enough, the Pirates were approaching with another force. The Raven, out in front of the Pirates’ fleet, scouted the situation and was stunned to find the harbour empty! She immediately hoisted the signal flags, and the Pirate admiral gave the order for a general chase, to the north. As the French sighted the Spanish harbour, they came under attack on their rear by the Pirate van! The Pirates caught up, but they were too late, as the Spanish hastily agreed to a new alliance with their old friends. Disappointed, and facing a superior force (albeit temporarily), the Pirates made the journey home and along the way discovered a treasure-laden island. They used this treasure to increase their store of repair money and ‘complete the fleet’. Now they have all of the 102 ships that I have of their faction, not to mention the scary sea monsters Seleucis and Teach!

Meanwhile, the newly allied Franco-Spanish tried to get organized in the cramped Spanish harbour. The English were somewhat inactive, although they did have a small treasure expedition that netted them a handful of ships, including their three junks. The only faction(s?) not at war is the Amercursedcorsairebels (O_O), and they were also able to complete their fleet, which is certainly the most diverse, containing sea monsters, junks(including the 6-master Divine Dragon), schooners, submarines and galleys.

Any suggestions on how to start wars/battles other than just being overly aggressive? (doesn’t have to correspond to this scenario, just trying to gather ideas) I was thinking of having the Franco-Spanish fleet of 91 ships of the line and 18 frigates going to the French harbour to try to confuse the Pirates (now at 92/10), then having the Pirates get lucky and intercept them, but this would seem to put the French in another unlucky position.

PS: the Divine Dragon was my first big junk, and she is awesome! Soon I’ll build the HMS Grand Temple.

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