What game pieces are the most fun or memorable for everyone?

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    Just thought of a Question of the Day that really intrigues me.  🙂

    For you and/or your play group, what is the game piece that is the most FUN to involve in games as often as possible?  What game pieces are the most memorable overall, game after game?

    For me, it might be the Frontier.  The American hoist boasts 8 cargo for 17 points and is just an absolute beast in just about every game she’s been involved in for me.  She is a HUGE magnet for attention and often makes ANY game she’s involved in more fun.

    A close second would actually be the better switchblades in the game, namely the Saber and Skin Flayer.  Especially when crewed to a high level – switchblades with action generator crew and/or capture abilities (Gold Capture, Captain Nemo, etc) are a TON of fun and can make things really wild.

    For crew, All-Powerful crew like Davy Jones can be a sore spot sometimes, but usually quite fun overall.  Anything that dominates and creates classic moment game after game is one I like.

    The main UT’s I can think of are Wine and Lost.  Bad Maps  and Turtles to a slightly lesser degree.  Also, fighting over Barbary Banner in competitive games to decide the gold score is usually a fun time.  😀

    Would love to hear your stories and moments with game pieces that make the game more fun or memorable for all players involved!

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