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    How to post a picture in the forum

    This is just about impossible for me because I’ve taken many many thousands of pictures for this game.  Although I can’t pick just one, I’ll probably post a few times in this thread with a few of my favorites.

    This is one of my all-time favorites, from the 2016 Experimental Cumulative Game.  I think it shows the beauty of the game more than almost any other picture I’ve taken.  Galleys (especially the 4 masters) are about as pretty as it gets, and here there are a handful of them.  There are some junks, plenty of nice custom islands and terrain, just enough debris to give that naval warfare feel, and some forts in the background.  Definitely “picturesque”!  😀

    ECG awesome picture from 2016

    Feel free to share your favorite pictures you’ve taken of this game! (does not have to be from actual gameplay)

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