Playing for keeps?

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    Some of you will remember this from the original thread from a couple years ago.  However, there are a LOT of new people in the community since then, so I thought it was another one worth reviving.

    -Have you ever played for keeps?  If not, would you consider doing it in the future?

    What about raising the stakes even higher, and having the winner take the opponent’s ships and crew? O_O  Or, to keep it realistic, you can keep what you capture in the game. I don’t think I’d ever be a fan of that, but it’s certainly interesting to think about from an “I better win this game” perspective!

    I would consider playing for keeps with treasure since I have so much.  Just introducing UT’s would make me hesitate however.  I could see playing for keeps in terms of captured ships in an all-common game, though I’d make sure to use ships I had duplicates of.  🙂

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