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    The current Hall of Fame, by order of induction:
    Cadet-Captain Mike

    This poll shows that people would generally like for Hall of Fame inductions to happen at the end of each year.  Each person can have a ballot of people they think deserve induction to the Pirates CSG Hall of Fame.

    Post below with your ballot.  It would be best to explain WHY you’re voting for someone, and why you think they’re the most deserving.  Unlike the initial 6 monthly inductions, I think the number of people on a ballot could be uncapped.  Similar to the baseball HoF, induction will require 75% of all the votes.  (someone would be inducted if they received 6 or more votes out of 8 people voting, for example)

    These people can be anyone in the Pirates CSG community. This includes members who are no longer active, and also members from other Pirates CSG sites. (I would say that people who worked on the game (designers, artists, etc) would be exempt because they’d all be such automatic shoo-ins) You cannot vote for yourself (no Brethren Court shenanigans XD).

    2019 Voting Deadline: By the end of the year. (12/31/2019; regardless of time zone)


    My 2019 Pirates CSG Hall of Fame ballot:

    Rizz (aka Riz the Bloody)
    Rizz has been one of the most helpful community members for many years. He has submitted various documents and uploaded useful files to BGG, including some ship and crew card blanks. He had one of the most entertaining Pirate websites, the Corsairs of Douglas County, until it was taken down around a couple years ago. He did a lot of trades “back in the day” and has various other contributions to the community. (including over 1,000 posts and 16 pages of fleet/MR comments)

    Tony Vigil was the Rules Arbitrator before Woelf took over, and I believe the only other RA. One of the most important people in Pirates CSG history outside of the game designers themselves.  You can hear about his experiences in Podcast #46.


    I’d have to support a vote for Piranha as well. As someone officially affiliated with the game, a deserving entry indeed. I haven’t had the chance to interact, but the episode of the podcast was pretty great! That’s my piece of eight…. 😉


    Time to vote is almost up!


    Only two votes in but the deadline is up….

    Congratulations to Piranha for making it into the Pirates CSG Hall of Fame!

    (If you’re not familiar with him, here’s the podcast episode we made!)

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