Is Cargo Undercosted?

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    I think hoists and some of the high-cargo 4 masters made me think of this thread idea.  I feel as though cargo may have been somewhat underpriced by Wizkids, especially in the first and last sets.  The Joya del Sol (8 cargo at S+S for 12 points) could easily be 18+ points.  I’ve found hoists (especially the Frontier) to be incredibly useful, and the American native canoes should be more expensive as well.  I’ve seen so many high-cargo ships be extremely valuable in games, whether as hybrids or gold runners.

    I know that some of the above ship costs are due to other factors, sometimes even including randomness or lack of playtesting.  I could be wrong about it, but I think cargo as a stat was somewhat underpriced in some of the sets.  Other examples would include the Bonnie Liz and Bloody Jewel – both could easily cost 3 or more additional points.

    Leave a post below with your thoughts on this!


    I wouldn’t say cargo overall is undercosted, but it does seem like there are a handful of ships with absurd cargo capacities for their size and/or point cost.

    Too bad WizKids never released a game bible or anything detailing exactly how they assigned point values to ships. It’s pretty easy to figure out the base cost of each ship type and the cost of most abilities, but I’ve yet to find a universal rule on how to factor in cargo capacity beyond just assigning one that seems proper.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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