How to ship built up ships

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    Hey everyone, I’m in the process of selling a collection, and there are about 300 built ships that are selling (along with other stuff)

    For the built ships, I just have the actual ship and the deckplate, but not the “parts” card(s). So no 2/2, 2/3 cards. I was planning on just dropping the ships in a box of packing peanuts and hoping for the best, but maybe that’s not a good plan? I could take them all apart and put them in bags or something, but that would be a real mess and I’d worry about damage from unbuild/rebuild by the buyer, as well as the loose pieces rubbing together in shipping.

    So I figured I should ask the experts here – what do you suggest?



    To minimize the potential for ships breaking, taking them apart and putting each ship in a separate bag would be best.

    If that doesn’t happen, I would just recommend good padding around the box and try to have it be full so that the ships can’t roll from one end of the box to another when the box is being moved.  And separate the cards from the ships, so that there won’t be a huge mess of cards stuck to different ship parts and whatnot.


    Thanks for taking the time  to reply. I guess I should get some little bags. If I ship them assembled, it will be a huge box. Or more likely, 2 boxes, and I don’t want them to get damaged.


    I’ll throw in my thoughts as well. Do not mail a ship built, ever. It’s just asking for trouble. It’s better to take them apart and put them into bags (snack sized or similar). For packing, I’ve not used packing peanuts much as they and bubble wrap are not ideal for sending miniatures. Both tend to not absorb impacts and will exert force on whatever you’re sending. For non breakable or hardier things this is fine (like a box of boxed candies, decorative candles, etc.) I’ve found that plastic bags (like you can get at a grocery store) are a good option for packing as they’ll absorb impacts better. I’ve also used Easter grass to good effect.

    Matt Lovell

    I use penny sleeves, folded over and taped shut when I sell disassembled ships. keeps them secure and takes up less space.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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